Applying for an HFFI Historic Marker

To apply for a research report and a Historic Fredericksburg Building Marker, complete the application form and forward it to the HFFI Marker Committee via email or US Postal Service (contact info here). Whenever possible, research is done on a “first come, first served” basis.

If a researcher is not available at the time of application, the accepted application will be kept on a waiting list until a researcher becomes available. The applicant assumes the cost of the research and the marker. The research fees will be due only when a researcher has been assigned.

Research Process

Our volunteer researchers have a strong interest in Fredericksburg’s history. They are thoroughly trained in the use of materials unique to Fredericksburg and bring a variety of backgrounds and skills to the research process.

Volunteers examine primary sources at the Fredericksburg Courthouse, the Virginiana Room of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library, Spotsylvania County Courthouse, University of Mary Washington and other repositories. If you already have information on your property, a researcher will verify it and incorporate the material into the final report. To qualify for a bronze marker, research must be reevaluated by a member of the Marker Committee.

The duration of the project is determined by the volunteer’s time, the complexity of the property’s history and the availability of historic documentation. You should note that it may take a year or longer to complete.

A completed Building Marker Report includes a property’s chain of title, land-tax information, information about previous owners and uses, and copies of relevant documents. You will receive a bound copy of the completed report, along with suggested information to be included on the bronze marker.

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Bronze Marker Details

Marker Fees

Please contact us for more information on the program or to request a marker.

To volunteer for the research committee, or to consult previous marker reports for your own research please contact us.