Let us help you reach your target market.

Corporate Sponsorship Packages are available for a variety of events that focus on multiple audiences.

Supporting HFFI’s events and programs is a great way to help promote your business while preserving Historic Fredericksburg.

Sponsorship Opportunities to Fit Every Business

Candlelight Tour of Historic Homes

An annual event held the second weekend in December that brings in 1,750–2,000 attendees.  An excellent opportunity for your business to reach a wide spectrum of age groups.


Email [email protected] to receive the Information Sheet on Event Sponsorships.

HFFI hosts events throughout the year to educate the community and to share the knowledge of our amazing volunteers and local experts.  Applicable events for this type of Sponsorship can be found on the Events Page. Depending on the size of the event and level of Sponsorship, benefits may include:

  • Company logo on promotional materials for the event.
  • Company logo on the Events page of the HFFI website.
  • A mention of your company at the event.
  • A post about your company on the HFFI Facebook Page.
  • Two free tickets to the event.

Publications Program

The HFFI Publications Committee has been producing the celebrated Journal of Fredericksburg History for more than a decade, as well as selected special releases.  New journals are distributed to members free of charge and past journals are available for purchase.  Because of the rising cost of printing, HFFI is accepting applications for publication sponsors. Return to this page for future opportunities to sponsor a Journal. Current journals can be purchased here.