Hardwood Floors

General Tips


Hardwood Flooring

General Tips

Maintaining old wooden floors

  • ♦  Do not wax them; it can create a build-up
  • ♦  Recommend use of Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean without harming the finish
  • ♦  Can also use a mixture of hot water and white vinegar to clean—see link below

Looking for a new “old “ hardwood floor?

  • ♦  Old heart pine floors are available from many companies—often reclaimed and salvaged from historic buildings already slated for demolition
    • ◊  Suppliers vary—search online “heart pine + reclaimed”

Refinishing hardwood floors

  • Only sand if you absolutely have to—older floors are often not even and can only be sanded down so many times.
    • ◊  Over-sanding can lead to exposure of the tongue and groove feature.
  • Adding a coat to an existing finish could cause the finish to “lift” because of incompatible products and/or a large wax build-up
  • Polyurethane versus shellac versus varnish
    • ◊  Polyurethane can withstand the most wear and tear
    • ◊  All come in a variety of sheens
      • −  Matte will look more appropriate in a historic home


Recipe and details on water and vinegar cleaning solution—Denver Hardwood Flooring

Online guides to hardwood flooring—Goodwin Company

History of heartwood pine and information on the reclamation process—Heartwood Pine Floors