Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar


Historic brick—17th–19th century

♦  Softer brick that needs to breath
♦  Necessitates softer mortar
♦  Many variations

Modern brick—mid-20th century

♦  Harder brick that does not need to breathe as much
♦  Harder mortar is more acceptable


NPS Preservation Brief 1 – Assessing Cleaning and Water-Repellent Treatments for Historic Masonry Buildings by Robert C. Mack, FAIA, and Anne E. Grimmer

NPS Preservation Brief  2—Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry Buildings by Robert C. Mack, FAIA, and John P. Speweik

See also Brief 6—Abrasive Cleaners, 15Concrete, 38Graffiti, 42Cast Stone

Preservation Brief 6—Dangers of Abrasive Cleaning to Historic Buildings by Anne E. Grimmer

NPS Preservation Brief 39—Controlling Unwanted Moisture in Historic Buildings by Sharon C. Park, AIA

Striking and Pointing Brickwork—

Eurotech—Historic Masonry Restoration Information

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