STOP #11

211 Lewis Street

The small brick building that often goes unnoticed was built in 1792 by William S. Stone.  It provided additional storage space for the Lewis Store just down the hill at the corner of Caroline and Lewis Streets.  When Robert and Mary Ellen Wheeler bought 1201 Princess Anne Street in 1973, 211 was part of the purchase as was the Lewis Store.  The Wheelers contemplated the possibilities for the 900 square foot structure.  Not until 2012, after Dr. Wheeler’s death, Mrs. Wheeler, an architect, focused on the project.  Lewis Street is within the Historic District; the building is sandwiched between the Wheeler house (1815) and the Lewis Store.  The Historic District location mandated the approval of the Architectural Review Board, the Wheelers’ commitment to preservation guaranteed a sensitive and careful adaptation.  To that end, Mrs. Wheeler used the outside as shell.  State of the art energy conservation materials and techniques were applied to the ceilings, wall, floors and windows.  Two years after Habalis Construction began work, a charming 3-level, energy efficient dwelling was ready for occupancy.  From the outside, it looks much as it did 130 years ago.  Inside is a bright and efficient living area that includes a kitchen, living room, master suite topped by a loft.  The patio is paved with water permeable bricks.  To attest to its energy efficiency, Mrs. Wheeler said that during a very cold winter month, the electric bill was only $8.40 – a testimony to not only the solar panels, which blend seamlessly with the metal roof, but the insulation.  Perfect readaptive use for an unused colonial brick storage facility.

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