STOP #09

1111 Princess Anne Street

The Federal style, two and half story dwelling on the southeast corner of Princess Anne dates from about 1815.  In two hundred years, it has seen a lot of history and many changes.  Recently a new owner has had the bricks repointed, windows repaired and new landscaping.  A witness to the Civil War, the dwelling was damaged, but not destroyed.  The occupant at the time was John L. Marye, Jr., Delegate to the Virginia General Assembly (1863 – 1868) and later Lieutenant Governor (1870 – 1874).  During the Victorian period following the War, a large wraparound porch covered the front and north sides obscuring the Federal details.  The brick was painted white.  Subsequent owners removed these Victorian modifications, including the wraparound porch and restored the Federal details, so that the house looks much like it would have when it was built.

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